Oxford Communists to launch study group

book - Limits to capitalFollowing on from our successful Communist Students stalls at Oxford University freshers fair members of Communist Students and the Communist Party of Great Britain are planning to get together with contacts and sympathisers to launch a communist study group. We plan to kick off with the collective study of the book Limits to Capital by David Harvey. We hope that a study of this text will aid us in developing comrades’ understanding of Marx’s critique of political economy. The book also attempts to cite Marx’s theory in a more contemporary context which should be useful in seeking to get to grips with the current capitalist crisis. If you are interested in learning more about Marxist economics – whatever your present level of understanding – then please consider attending our study group.

We are going to meet up every Saturday afternoon to discuss sections of the text and explore the issues and questions that arise from each weeks reading. Each week a different member of the group will give a short opening presentation on the chapter before we open the session up to group discussion. Time-permitting we will also discuss some contemporary political issues each week. Our first meeting will take place at 2pm on Saturday October 31. For details of the venue, and if you have any other questions, please email us at oxfordcommunists@googlemail.com


3 responses to “Oxford Communists to launch study group

  1. This is a really good idea, comrades. David Harvey is an especially good place to start because a lot of people are being drawn to Marxism due to the current crisis, and there is probably no one about who can root it within Marxian economics better. Cambridge are doing something similar so hopefully it will spread further and we will start to see a resurgent interest in Marxist idea amongst students.

  2. where is the first meeting of the the reading group ?

  3. oxfordcommunists

    Hi Abantee. I’ll email you the details.

    If anybody else want to know, please email us at oxfordcommunists@googlemail.com

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