Capitalist crisis

Capitalism hits the fan: a Marxian view
Richard Wolff
a professor of economics at University of Massachusetts Amherst talks on the current “financial” crisis and capitialism in general. This talk was presented by the Asociation for Economic and Social Analysis and the journal Rethinking Marxism

Marx and the credit crunch
István Mészáros

The capitalist crisis and the tasks of communists
Chris Strafford
Communist Students

The capitalist crisis and the tasks of communists

Iran and the threat of war

Smash the Sanctions 
John McDonnell MP
launches the Smash the Sanctions campaign at the Hands Off the People of Iran conference, December 13 2008.

Hands Off the People of Iran meeting
Torab Saleth
(Workers Left Unity Iran) and Behrooz Karimizadeh and Kaveh Abbasian (Students for Freedom and Equality in Iran) addressed a meeting organised by the Kings’ College student society of ‘Hands Off the People of Iran’

Iran and imperialism
Yassamine Mather
(Hands Off the People of Iran) speaks on Iran and imperialism at Communist University North on May 3 2008.

Iran and the threat of war
Torab Saleth
(Hands Off the People of Iran & Workers Left Unity Iran) looks at the nature of the Iranian regime and its relationship with the United States. He describes the history of the conflict and goes behind the current media speculation to explain what is really going on in the Middle East. This meeting took place at Queen’s University Belfast on Thursday April 10 2008.

Torab Saleth responds to questions and points from audience members.

Hands Off the People of Iran
John McDonnell MP addresses the June 14-15 2008 weekend school of Hands Off the People of Iran. He argues that anti-war activists in Britain should not only oppose imperialism’s war plans, but also be in active solidarity with the workers, women’s and students movements in Iran.

The politics of Hands Off the People of Iran
Yassamine Mather
(Workers Left Unity Iran) and Ben Lewis (CPGB and Communist Students) explain the politics behind the campaign

Hands Off the People of Iran and trade unions
Dave Vincent
, a militant in the PCS union, talks about working class opposition to war

Communist University 2008

Here we have some video files from this year’s Communist University, which took place from August 9-16 2008 in south London. More videos from Communist University can be found here:

Introduction to Communist University 2008
Mark Fischer


Ireland and the evolution Sinn Fein’s politics
Presented by Kevin Bean author of the new book The New Politics of Sinn Fein [click here to read the review that appeared in the Weekly Worker; click here for an interview with Kevin Bean]


Book launch: Revolutionary strategy
Mike Macnair CPGB – You can order a copy of this book from here:


1968: Second wave feminism and its contradictions
Anne McShane


Palestine and completing the Arab revolution
Moshe Machover


1968: Could the working class have come to power in France?
David Broder (author of a new book on 1968)
Mike Macnair (CPGB)


Other videos 

Communist Students: organising school students
Callum Williamson

Communists and trade unions
A debate between Dave Douglass and Alan Stevens. Dave Douglass is a former miner and member of the National Union of Mineworkers, he is also a member of the Industrial Workers of the World. Alan Stevens is a former docker and member of the CPGB.

Part 1

Part 2

Jesus: son of God or a revolutionary resistance fighter?
Jack Conrad
(CPGB), author of Fantastic Reality: Marxism and the Politics of Religion, asks who the real Jesus was.

Mike Macnair
(CPGB), gives a talk on this significant trend within the workers’ movement at a recent Communist Students educational event.

>>Reading Marx’s Capital with David Harvey


Useful series of videos by academic David Harvey, Professor at the City University of New York, who has taught Capital for over 40 years.


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